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Cheesy aperitif picnic in Florence

Are you thinking of having a picnic in Florence?

The Oltrarno hills and especially those behind the San Niccolo district lend themselves very well to a walk with a tasty break along a path, in a park, or even in a private garden with breathtaking views over the whole of Florence!

Grab your Aperi-picnic in Formaggioteca

You can stop at the Formaggioteca and do your shopping of your choice, but you can also book a surprise picnic basket which contains a tasting of 4 cheeses (choice between French cheeses and Italian cheeses, or Tuscan cheeses (pecorino). In your picnic bag you will also find a pack of natural breadsticks, 1 jam and you can choose between a bottle of light red (like Chianti) or a fresh white.We also provide you with eco-tableware to make your aperitif-picnic comfortable and very pleasant.

  • Aperitif box (5 cheeses - approximately 300 gr)

  • Natural breadsticks

  • Jam

  • Bottle of Red or White

  • Eco-dishes

Picnic package price €36

Picnic package only (2 pax): €36


Enjoy the tranquility of a private garden with the most beautiful view of Florence

Enjoy your Aperi-picnic in a private garden (EDV Garden) with art installations and the most incredible view of Florence (entrance fee €20 per person)

Picnic package + EDV Garden entrance tickets @ €74 (for 2 people)

Available ion Monday.

Collect your picnic basket at Formaggioteca Terroir at 5.45pm - entry (for 2 hours) into the private garden at 6pm - 15 minute walk from Formaggioteca. Only by reservation on the site. 

Picnic package + entry into the private garden (2 pax): €74

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