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Esperienze - Experiences

Bring an aperitif-picnic to the Oltrarno gardens!

We offer mini-introduction courses to Italian cheeses (in English)

During the year there are also single events, thematic evenings, and other initiatives that are reported onEvents


Idee per un Aperi-picnic

The Oltrarno hills and especially those behind the San Niccolo district lend themselves very well to a walk with a tasty break along a path, in a park, or even in a private garden with a breathtaking view all over Florence!

A journey through Italian cheese

Mondays (periodic - check available dates in the events section) at noon we offer an Italian cheese tasting class to include 5 kinds of Italian cheese and 1 glass of wine.

A great introduction for cheese lovers, as well as a delicious stop in your day!

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Cost 35 p.p. 

Confirmed with min. 4 people

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