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Our Cheeses

The cheeses that you will find for sale at the Formaggioteca are half French and the other half Italian. The French selection of Mons is one of the best affineurs in France (MOF) and is very classic and follows the seasons with cheeses such as Raclette and Mont d'Or which are available only in winter.

For the Italian selection, however, we collaborate both with special affineurs (Andrea de Magi, Borgo Affinatori) and with small dairies that work in an eco-sustainable and organic way, often with raw milk (Corzano & Paterno, Le Tofane, La Maremmana).

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Prodotti: Products

For the French cheeses, Formaggioteca Terroir has selected for you the best DOP cheeses of the Affineur Mons.

We choose our Italian cheeses both to have some favorite local cheeses and some that are peculiar all coming from small Affineur or cheesemakers.

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